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My vision is a world where the practice of self-expression through the creative arts is fully used and recognised as fundamental to all aspects of health, well-being and healing. An ethos where it is acknowledged that these creative tools can offer a fast-track to information and understanding from our bodies and souls. From the individual to the community to the world vision. I would include also that in this ideal world, the role of creator/creatrix would be one that is honoured and supported as of significant importance to the community and humankind.

This website and the concept of

"Painting and Poetry as a Path to Power" (c)

is a container for me to share my creations - my paintings, my poems and my guided meditations with you all.

I offer in-person and on-line workshops and courses using reflective journaling, painting, collage and EFT as integral aspects of creative transformational journeys.

These journeys offer the opportunity to access inner wisdom, guidance, so that the participant gains confidence in their own intuitive nudges and inner knowing. The idea of  our strong connection to land is woven throughout. Here the earth and all the elements also become our teachers and sources of inspiration.

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My recently uploaded audio poem "Over Stowey"

An audio version of a three part poem set near Stowey, a small village in the Chew Valley in SW England. Moving through the months July, August and September and from the top of the hill, through the trees and down to the churchyard of St Nicholas and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Click Here!

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