A bit about me...

I am a painter, poet, a mother, grandmother, nature lover, earth walker, fire gazer and creative guide. I use creativity to transform old stories or outgrown aspects of life using a marvelous mix of shamanism, intentional creativity and lots of love.
I believe that creativity can help you to get past the blocks that keep you from stepping into your brightest, most beautiful Self. Art can offer you tools to identify the stumbling blocks, defuse and deflate the power that those past stories hold and step boldly into your personal power in the now.

The real reason that I do this work is because I believe wholeheartedly in the creative connection between the expressive/creative arts and healing and I truly believe that we all hold this potential within us.

In my past life I was an art and creative writing tutor in a prison and I worked with men of all ages to explore their creativity through art and writing which taught me a lot about boundaries and the potential for tenderness within each of us. I was also an arts facilitator with children from families in crisis and this taught me about holding safe and sacred space for groups to form and thrive.


When I'm not painting, writing or teaching you will find me out walking in the beautiful landscape near my home on Dartmoor or spending time with my family

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