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For a few years I was one of a group of artists participating in a free on-line intentional creativity retreat called Soul Spa and for my last offering, I created "Autumn Prayer"  It consists of a guided meditation, a painting process and a simple ritual. If you'd like to try it for yourself, then click below to go to the Playlist on Youtube.

"Loved the meditation and creating my paper - I used watercolour and had to tear out the centre section, as there is a figure waiting to emerge. Cutting out my leaves and writing on them and the ritual burning was SO liberating - I added leaves I collected on a recent walk and sage for cleansing."   Celia

"Thank you Kate for such a lovely session.
Some of the things I am letting go of is false belief systems, the walls I built back up around my heart since my fiance transitioned to the Spirit world, anger, shame and guilt from my past and clutter in my physical space. The words just kept flowing out onto the paper... very beautiful and healing." 
Isabella Rose