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I am so pleased and proud to present my first poetry collection.  It's a mixture of some older poems and many new ones too.  My words are my gift to the world and it gives me such pleasure to know that they will be spreading far and wide, touching hearts and souls as they travel.

I could not wish for more.

"These strange bright poems of Kate Gold bring us closer to the terrible wonder of really living. Of risk, mortality and the sheer guts required to love. It is good that they are venturing out to meet a wider world, a gift to us.

Martin Shaw, author, mythologist and storyteller

"Kate Gold confronts the realities of life, death and the natural world with unflinching honesty and compassion. Eight Buzzards Rising is a resolutely grounded collection, skilfully weaving moments of brutality, humour and transcendence into a satisfying and ultimately uplifting whole. Underlying everything is Kate's elemental, almost child-like joy in the mysteries and adventure of life. I absolutely loved it."

Tim King, poet and host of Taking The Mic, Exeter

" These poems are hewn out of the poet’s heart and, as is the way with such works, they deal tenderly with the triple passions of life, love and death. Kate Gold may be a new voice on the South West poetry scene, but she is a voice of profound experience, exploring wild landscapes and wild times with ‘hair like a harp in the wind’ – and a pen weighing more than a mile of ocean "

Susan Taylor, poet and performer

Kate's poetry brings alive such a deep intimacy with our own wild edges, through the aging and dying processes, and her connection to the natural world, one cannot help but be viscerally moved.

Cassandra Eve, writer and astrologer


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