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 Meet Your Inner Muse
 8th ~ 12th June 2021

A free 5 session mini-course to get
your creative juices flowing!

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So often I hear people say things like, "I'm not creative or artistic!" or "I don't know where to start!" And I'm here to remind you of how you used to create as a child - with freedom, absorption and joy. Often what happens is that our natural creative self-expression gets squashed or distorted by the criticism of adults - maybe parents or teachers and because of our fear of that criticism and humiliation, gradually we learn to ignore our impulses to play with colour, line and form.

We create our own inner critic who makes sure that we don't run that risk again, even though in our hearts we long to experience the pleasure of creative play and exploration.


If your critic keeps you away from the blank page, paper or canvas and you would love to connect with your own creative Muse, then sign up below to join my Facebook group, Creativity Cafe where, during the week of 8th to 12th of June, I'll be running five, free, live (Zoom) sessions to get you into the flow. I'd love to see you there!

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Materials you'll need are paper of various thicknesses if you have it, or card/cardboard - whatever you have available. Some crayons or pens for drawing/ mark-making. A few paints - craft paints or acrylics would be best. A few paintbrushes - different sizes if you have them. Scissors, glue stick and a few old magazines with both text and images. A notebook or journal for writing.