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Paint Your Muse
Sunday 18th July 2021
10.00am to 4.30pm BST
Cost ~ £77

An on-line intentional creativity workshop with simple step-by-step guidance
to Paint your Muse with Kate Gold

Creative Soul Guide and Intentional Creativity Teacher

There was a time when my inner critic wouldn't have allowed me to post a photo of my art work in it's early stages.

Critic: "What!!! That mess! You can't possibly show that to anyone...they'll laugh at you and say,

"Well she obviously can't paint!"

I have learned to overcome that and ask the critic to leave the room or at least stand quietly in the corner to observe.

Now I have my Muse: "Hey, almost everything starts a bit messy, undefined. That means it's full of possibilities, potential and power. Let's play with colours and shapes and see what wants to emerge. Wow, look at those drips - love that!"

If your critic keeps you away from the blank page, paper or canvas and you would like to connect with your own creative Muse, then join me for this guided workshop to Paint your Muse!


Who is your Muse?

She is the source of your imagination, inspiration and intuition.

She is fierce but infinitely kind

Raw but alchemically refined

She wakes you up in the early hours with bright ideas and lines of poetry

She bids you peel off your clothes and bathe in the wild river

She takes your cautions and tears them up into tiny pieces to scatter to the wind

She makes an altar on a mossy stump with a feather and a stone

She weeps at both the beauty and the cruelty of the world

She takes you way off the beaten track to gather the lost fragments of your soul

She places them in the crucible of your creativity to bring healing and transformation


Using the creative tools of guided meditation/journey, painting and writing prompts to connect with and discover the voice of your unique, inner Muse.
This workshop is suitable for beginners and more experienced creators alike.
No art experience necessary!

Here are some of the steps we will take
as we start our journey...

Creating a Portal with Paint

Using three or four colours to loosely create a simple background to begin your painting - a portal for your Muse

Portal s.jpg
Emerging s.jpg

Emerging Muse

Follow me in a step-by-step process to practice drawing a simple face then bring your Muse onto the canvas.

Blocking in Colour

We begin the first of many layers of blocking in with paint in a few chosen colours, as we listen to the whispers of our Muse.

Blocking s.jpg

There will be 'breathing spaces' during the workshop for tea and comfort breaks
and a 45 minute lunch break.
If you are unable to stay in the live group for the whole day, then a recording will be available for you to follow and complete your painting in your own time.
I'd love to see you there!


Materials that you will need to participate are ~ a canvas, no smaller than 33 x 41 cm and no larger than 46 x 60cm/acrylic paints - as many as you have or not less than 6 colours/2 or 3 paint brushes in different sizes/a palette (an old plate or plastic lid is fine)/a spray bottle/ paper kitchen towel or rags/a pencil or piece of charcoal or watercolour pencil/notebook or journal for your writing

(More details about materials will be available after you register)

Bring your willingness to play and explore with your Muse!