Reclaiming the Wild Twin

I am on a year long journey with two mentors who have both had a profound and meaningful impact on my life. Shiloh Sophia, painter, writer and founder of the Intentional Creativity movement and Martin Shaw, writer, mythologist, artist and wilderness guide.

They both hold a vision of a world where we remember what it means to live in sacred connection to our lands, to our stories, to ourselves. They both have unwavering belief in the power and possibility held in their chosen ways of teaching and I am full of great gratitude to have found teachers like them on my path. I also honour myself for answering the call and embarking on this adventure with them.

I invite you to imagine what these two human beings, who both have such a total commitment to sharing their hearts, their knowledge, wisdom and love with us all, are bringing to this journey.

All this is taking place in a crucible of creation where I am writing my own myth and painting on my 100 x 150 cm canvas. Entwined with this land where I live on the edge of Dartmoor, working with the phases of the moon and following the turning of wheel of the year.

Just recently I reached the point of inviting my Archetypal Self and my Wild Twin onto the canvas. I had to sit with the painting for a long time before I could see and sense them there. It was deeply moving for me, especially as I painted my Wild Twin – feeling a painful tenderness in the places where we had been torn apart in so many ways and waves of joyful recognition and


This is energy painting. This is medicine painting. This is healing that affects at a cellular level. The painting itself will change in appearance many times over the next 5 months alongside my written myth which incrementally reveals itself to me.

This a creation story too, an evolution.

I invite you to bear witness to the appearance of my Archetypal Self and my Wild Twin and to my further reclamation of the wild within me.

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