The Arrival

Should I feign surprise

when you come to my door?

Though I was shown in a thousand ways

that your arrival was imminent.

Clouds had painted your portrait.

The curlew had called your name. Yesterday the rain had drummed the rhythm of your heart beat.

Here on the threshold,

you will see your story in my eyes and stumble in that moment at the depth of reflection.

I will take your hand Remove your heavy coat; your dusty boots And lead you to the hearth fire as it click spits it's welcome.

I will pour us an amber dram that we raise in recognition No words shared between us; for there are none.

I will bathe your beautiful, weary body Untangle your wild hair Kiss your brow, your cheek, your mouth with poignant, powerful tenderness

Your tears will fall as molten honey to your heart And you will know that a love like this will never come again.

(c) Kate Gold December 2019

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

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