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Astraea ~The Star Maiden

£2.50 each
{plus £1 p&p}
Pack of 3 ~ £6
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Hand-embellished Goddess prints

These A5 prints have been individually hand painted to embellish and finish the piece. I can imbue the painting with the energy chosen by each individual purchaser, such as love, abundance, new opportunity etc.
There will also be a relevant quote written on the back to enhance the energy.
If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke Goddess print for yourself or a loved one, then please contact me on the contact page 
Price includes UK postage. For international postage please contact me. Thank you!
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Hand finished                                                                   Energy imbued        
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Amazon Dream

Original ~ SOLD

Prints available to pre-order below

A3 giclee print £35

A4 giclee print £17.50

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Astraea the Star Maiden
Original ~ SOLD
Prints available to pre-order below
A3 ~ £35
A4 ~ £17.50


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The Shamaness
Original ~ SOLD
Prints available
A3 ~ £35
A4 ~ £17.50