Taking the Leap – getting from here to there!

Often there are things we want to achieve, a goal, a new habit, something we desire to do. It can be anything – a new project for a business or home, a different thing to do with the family like eat more often as a family or go for family walks. Learn a new skill. For whatever reason, we feel like we can’t quite get there. Perhaps we tell ourselves that we don’t have time, perhaps we tell ourselves we don’t really want to do it (when we really, really do!) We can feel like we don’t know where to start, what needs to be done to get there. Fearful of what we might have to give up to get there and what changes we might need to make.

This simple 5-step creative mini-offering is designed to help you get out of your own way and to encourage you to “Take the Leap”

Materials required – 4 x A4 pages in an art journal or sketch book. Alternatively you can use a folded piece of paper to give you 4 sides or areas.

Paints ( ideally acrylics but water colour could work if that's what you have available,  a few brushes, a palette and  pens. You'll need a few magazines, scissors and a glue stick if you think you might want to collage

The course is easily accessible on a Youtube playlist with a separate video for each step. You will have unlimited access so that you can complete in your own time and even do it over again of you wish to!

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